Porch Pounder Canned Wine Joins SLO Brewing Co’s Craft Portfolio

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – SLO Brewing Co is welcoming canned wine into its portfolio of celebrated craft beers & spirits with local vintner, Porch Pounder. As distribution ramps up, wine lovers in over 14 states can enjoy premium quality wines from California’s appellation vineyards – without the inconvenience of a bottle.

Founded in Templeton by longtime friends Paul Quinn and James Schreiner, Porch Pounder provides award-winning canned wine sourced from SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified vineyards on the Central Coast. Currently, four varieties – a Chardonnay, Red Blend, Rosé and Brut Rosé – are available in 375ml cans that individually equate to half a bottle.

“Your favorite wine should be as accessible as your favorite beer,” said co-founder Quinn. “We always intended to support alternative packaging for light and easy drinking.”

Quinn and Schreiner began producing innovative cases of red and white blends from their garage in 2009. Dedicated and resourceful, they used an inherited basket press to crush grapes donated by established winemakers in the area. The young vintners formed Porch Pounder in 2015 and began production and distribution to states across the US. They continue to prioritize sourcing from family owned businesses to support their local economy.

As one of the first brands to bring canned wine to market, Porch Pounder continues to represent invention with vinted wines in convenient and sustainable packaging. Now adventures that don’t lend to glass and corkscrew can be enhanced by wine packed in vibrant, entirely recyclable cans.

“We practice hands-on winemaking,” said winemaker, Schreiner. “Porch Pounder is sharing the time and history of our grapes as part of the consumer experience.”

Porch Pounder is available for retail in grocery chains, music and outdoor venues throughout California and the US as the latest addition to the SLO Brewing Co. lineup. SLO Brew is welcoming Porch Pounder to the family as an extension of its brand ideologies – to handcraft the SLO experience by brewing up epic spirits and good times.